We are a family practice that is interested in treating the entire family.

We pride ourselves on being able to do complex restorative work such as implants, bridges and veneers on adults in the same office where we help introduce your child to dentistry and help motivate them to want to have great oral health throughout their lifetime.

Dr Wilson has a very warm and welcoming demeanor and is excellent with both children and adults. He has extensive pediatric dental training. He did an additional 3 months in pediatric clinics while in dental school, did hospital pediatric rotations while in residency and has worked part time at a pediatric only dental office before starting his own practice. He has 4 children of his own ranging from 9 to 17 and was a high school teacher prior to going to dental school.

Free exams and get to know the dentist visits for children 2 and under. In these visits we will just have the child come in sit in the chair meet some of the staff and get some prizes. The sooner your child can associate dentistry with fun the better their visits will be as they get older.

We have a separate family area so you can have multiple people in the same family come at the same time without having to worry about keeping them quiet in a general reception area.